Oats Dates & Honey Cakes

It should come as no surprise that Monica, the Owner of Oats Dates & Honey Cakes, and I are friends. We met quite a few years ago at NAIT. We were both studying management with a focus on hospitality at the time.

Fast forward a few years and now we’re both entrepreneurs. Bouncing ideas off of one another, and doing what we can to support each others businesses. Which leads me to the subject of this blog. In the new year we were brainstorming ideas for Valentines day, and we got the idea to develop a custom pattern! 

If you’re in Edmonton you should definitely look into Oats Dates and Honey Cakes. They’re known for their gluten free options. *wink* I can tell you from experience their baked goods are delicious. 

A Custom Pattern for Oats Dates and Honey Cakes

Like I mentioned just a moment ago we were brainstorming about Valentine’s Day and decided to do a little collaboration. We decided on a few things to include with her Valentine’s treat boxes. Each box would accompany one of my Valentine’s Day cards “A Love Letter” and an assortment of gluten free treats wrapped in tissue paper with a custom pattern. 

Oats Dates & Honey Cakes Valentine's Day

Something as simple as a custom pattern made a huge impact on the unboxing experience for her clients. Here’s a closer look at the pattern. 

This treat box ended up being one of her most successful to date. It is empowering to see a friends hard work and dedication result in new success and growth. Proud of you! 

Valentine's Day Treats

I had so much fun with this project that I made a second pattern. One day, when Oat Dates and Honey Cakes opens a brick and mortar shop. Maybe this pattern will make it onto the to go cups for a few weeks prior to Valentine’s Day. Who knows! 

Valentine's Day Pattern

As I build up my pattern portfolio I will be making a larger blog about how a pattern can help elevate branding but for now I think it’s important to celebrate the little victories. 

So Monica, if you’re reading this I’m honoured you’re letting me join you on this journey and I can’t wait to see how your business flourishes in the future. 

Stay Creative,

Justin Erickson 

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