Graphic Design

The following section includes examples of Brand Development, Logo Design, and print based collateral. Such as Invitations, Brochures, Album covers, Labels, Business Cards, and Advertisements.

KC ore Logo Design
KC ore Branding
Brotherhood Aromatics Logo Design
4 Way Developments ltd. Logo Design
Bi – Fold Brochure
4 Way Developments Branding
Standard Business Cards
4 Way Developments Branding
Standard Business Cards
Mama Quilts Logo Design
Justin Erickson Art Logo Design
Tri – Fold Brochure
Bi – Fold Itinerary
Album Cover
Postcard Wedding Invitation
Label Design
Postcard Advertisments
Dustyn Jeffrey Logo Design
Magazine Spread
Event Poster


The following section includes Original Artwork, and various Studies. Each piece is created with a combination of watercolour, coloured pencil, and ink.

Faded Dream
Peony & Common Blue Butterflies
Hyacinth on Teal
Sulpher Butterfly Trio
Cabbage Moth Trio
Blue Butterfly Trio
A Gift of Hope
Adding Stars
A Message of Hope Duo
Orchid on Green
Message in the Forest
Summer Stars
Liquid Blue Morpho
Liquid Monarch
Sunflowers on Purple
Key on Leaves
Key and Feathers
Forest Spirit
Spruce Study
Din’s Fire

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