Graphic Design

Prior to moving to Vancouver I was engaged in the Edmonton arts community as a freelance graphic designer and artist for over five years.

Throughout that time I held multiple different positions throughout the arts industry. In relation to Graphic Design I’ve been responsible for art direction, logo design, print design, and illustrated graphics.

In this section of my portfolio you will find a selection of logo designs, examples of branding, print based collateral, and illustrative graphics.

Now that my new adventure in Vancouver is just beginning I hope to become just as involved in the arts here as I was in Edmonton.

Please scroll through the images below. When you’re ready, I would be happy to discuss working together.

Logo Designs

Justin Erickson Art
KC Ore
Mama Quilts
Brotherhood Aromatics
4 Way Developments Ltd.
Dustyn Jeffrey
Oats Dates Honey Cakes
Commercial Water Ltd.
Arcturus Gallery Logo Design
by Justin Erickson
Arcturus Gallery

Print Design

Vancouver Aquarium Tri-Fold Brochure
75th Wedding Anniversary Bi-Fold Itinerary
Queen Album Cover
4 Way Developments Bi-Fold Brochure
4 Way Developments Double Sided Business Cards
RCI Business Cards
Birds and Key Wedding Invitation
Sauce This Original Recipe Label
Mister Masquerade Event Poster
Postcard Wedding Invitation
Two Page Magazine Spread

Examples of Branding

“KC Ore” Branding
“The Boutique” Branding


Over the years I have spent so much time in deferent roles as an artist. One of my favourites was working as a custom picture framer for a few different galleries. I learned more about the care, and conservation of art than I did in a university setting.

Everything in this section was framed by myself.

Aside from picture framing I held a few different management roles, art curating roles, and sales positions. My passion for the arts is ever growing and I can’t wait to discover what Vancouver has to offer.

The following section includes Original Artwork, both framed, and unframed.

Each piece is technically a mixed media painting, created with a combination of watercolour, coloured pencil, and ink.

Pride – Featuring a red peony, and a bumblebee.
“Loyalty and Support” Featuring English Ivy, and Moths.
“Two Pink Tulips”
“Return to Happiness” Featuring Lily of the Valley and a Dragonfly.
“Effervescent” Featuring a Tulip and Sulphur Butterfly.
“Trinity” Featuring Cherry Blossoms and a Bumblebee.
“Message in the Forest” Featuring a Sulphur Butterfly.
“Liquid Monarch Butterfly”
“Mourning Cloak Trio”
“Faded Dream” Featuring an Underwing Moth.
“Hyacinth on Teal”
“Peony & Common Blue Butterflies”
“Cabbage Moth Trio”
“Sulphur Butterfly Trio”
“Summer Stars” Featuring a Bear and Blue Birds.
“Alberta Legislature Study”
“Birch Study”
“Key on Leaves Study”
“Key and Feathers Study”
“Will-o-wisp” Featuring a Luna Moth.
“Liquid Morpho Butterfly”
“Gilaurmo’s Portrait”
“Forest Spirit” Featuring Fox Gloves and a Chickadee.
“Din’s Fire”
“Adding Stars”
“Spruce Study”
“Sunflowers on Purple”

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