Love and Luck

Ladybug themed Artwork

This month I’d like to do things a little differently. Instead of featuring a single piece I would like to focus on some ladybug themed artwork. I ended up becoming inspired in a roundabout way, and discovered I really enjoyed the theme… maybe a little too much. As a result I ended up creating two small original artworks and a new pattern featuring ladybugs. 

How I Got Inspired

In the past month I started and finished reading “Miss Benson’s Beetle” by Rachel Joyce. The plot revolves around a gilded flower beetle. So of course I got a bit inspired and started looking at different beetles. I was lost. I fell down the curiosity rabbit hole. Eventually I was looking at unique beetles I could find here on the west coast.

At this point I had been doom scrolling different entomology wikis for a few hours and stumbled across our little friend the ladybug. I was surprised to learn the the ladybug symbolized love and luck. Considering it’s been a year of covid restrictions and it was close to valentines day. I’m not at all surprised that this resonated with me. We could all use a little love and luck. 

As one does when they get slapped across the face with inspiration the sketchbook came out and I started sketching different ideas. 

A few hours later I had the beginnings of my pattern design and some simple ideas for the originals. 

Ladybug Paintings

The originals are for sale! If you’d like full details about the originals and how they’re framed click the button below.

The Pattern

When it came to designing the pattern, I really didn’t want something childish, or blatantly obvious. So I went the more botanical route and landed somewhere between spring and autumn with the ladybugs as a spot of contrast.

Ta Da! The patterns!

Ladybug pattern
Ladybug Pattern Dark Green

If you recall I put out a poll on instagram a few weeks ago to decide between a light green background or a dark green background. 

It was close! The results ended up 52% for light green and 48% for dark green. As a result I have decided to make both variants available. You can find a variety of different products and items with the print on my Society6.

Now that I have successfully gushed about these new additions to my work, I should probably let you guys get back to your day. I’ve got some client work to sort out and complete this week. 

Continue to follow your local covid restrictions, wash your hands, and most importantly stay creative,

Justin Erickson 

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