Hey, I’m Justin Erickson!

My work is a love letter to the emotions I don’t know the words to express.

I’m a multidisciplinary Artist and Freelance Graphic Designer practicing out of Vancouver, British Columbia. The desire to create has been part of my life from the moment I could hold a pencil. I don’t go anywhere without a handful of pencils, a sketchbook, and my camera. My goal as an artist is to find myself in a constant state of learning, and exploration.

Exploring my work, it is no surprise I have an interest in ornithology, botany, and entomology. I’ve allowed these hobbies to permeate my traditional and digital work. I love exploring the many ways I can express emotion through the language of flowers and the symbolism birds and insects have.

I am very excited to share that my current personal project has me designing my own deck of Tarot! Each suit focusing on insects, botany, ornithology, and nature. With the major arcana incorporating all four. You can join me on this journey over on my social media. Or by signing up to my newsletter.

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British Columbia


Client List

  • Brotherhood Aromatics
  • Capilano Animal Clinic
  • Creekside Fashions
  • Commercial Water Ltd.
  • Commercial Water Ltd.
  • Erickson Restorations
  • Flash Fashions
  • Fill’r Up Potable Water Hauling
  • Jeremy Segal Stills + Motions
  • KC Ore
  • Matrix Innovative Technology
  • Oats Dates & Honey Cakes
  • On Your Mark
  • Pearl Candle Co.
  • Phoenix Concrete Works
  • Prairie Vista Tax Services Inc.
  • Snug Underwear