Justin Erickson
Artist / Graphic Designer

Justin Erickson is a self-taught visual artist currently residing in Edmonton.

He is passionately working towards expanding his career as professional Artist and Graphic Designer.

His Artwork

In his artwork Justin combines watercolour, ink, and coloured pencil to create bold colours, unique textures, and intricate details.

Lately Justin has been pursuing a new muse. Exploring the inner workings of the mind he is visually representing thoughts, dreams, and emotions, through symbolism. Typically featuring insects, birds, and flowers typically found in Alberta. It is clear Justin is inspired by the world around him.

His Graphic Design

When it comes to graphic design Justin uses that same inspiration the fuels his artwork within his designs. Often featuring traditional botanical drawings, florals, watercolour, filigree elements, and various art moments throughout the past.

Specializing in brand development, logo design, layout design, and print. Justin is certainly able to add value to your marketing needs.