Analytics Tracking

Any and all information collected from the websites visitors, clients, supporters, patrons, etc. will be used for internal analytical purposes only. The information is used to understand and build a model of Justin Erickson Arts clientele and target market. 

This collected data will not be sold to any other party. 

Individual Names and Shipping Addresses

An individual’s name and shipping address is collected for the purpose of sending purchased goods to the correct individual and location. 

The collected information is stored and secured In a locked location for up to seven years for clerical and accounting purposes. 

Credit Card Information 

Justin Erickson Art upholds the Payment Card Industry data security standards. 

Payments are secured and processed through our POS provider “Square” and our banking institution “The Bank of Montreal.”

All credit card information is collected and stored In a secure, password protected, location. Once the payment has been processed and completed the credit card information is erased. Only the card type, and the final four digits are recorded, for clerical and accounting purposes.