Clouds Cross Skies

Cloud Illustration Pattern

I’m not entirely sure what inspired me to create a cloud illustration pattern. It could have everything to do with the nicer weather we’ve been having. This entire week its been 15 degrees and warmer. I have been looking out the window day dreaming about being outside. Getting work done was difficult this week.

Cloud Illustration Sketch

Maybe it’s because I recently watched Toy Story, and I’ve always loved the wallpaper in Andy’s room. I know that had a roll to play when I considered possible applications for the pattern and colours. 

Available in Three Colour Ways

When I was looking for colour palettes, exploring different pan tones, etc. At first All I thought about was blue. Then I got thinking that’s a bit boring and predictable. I decided to make three colour ways. 

One at Sunrise.

Another at Midday

and the third at Twilight

Where Can You Find My Seamless Cloud Pattern

I have uploaded the patterns to my Society6 and I have made it available on a variety of products from beach towels, to shower curtains, tote bags, and even wall clocks. 

I hope you find this pattern as cute as I do.

It’s Friday, and the sun is shining, so Here’s to the weekend, and nicer weather here in Canada! Oh and before I forget, if you liked what you saw here today give me a share. It’s always appreciated.

If you’d like to license this pattern for a product, or textile purposes give me a shout. I would be happy to discuss the possibility with you.

Find Clouds Cross Skies and my other pattern designs here in my portfolio.

Stay creative,

Justin Erickson

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