The Botanical Project (Part 4)

Purple Dahlia Art

The fourth instalment of the Botanical Project is now complete! Featuring a purple ball dahlia this addition is the visual exploration of strength.

Purple Dahlia Art
“Strength” Staged

I can’t believe there is only one painting left before the project enters the second and final phase! I’ve been working on this project for so long now it’s almost sad to think I’m getting close to completing the bulk of the work. 

What Does A Purple Ball Dahlia Symbolize 

The Dahlia is a symbol of a variety of different things, most commonly representing emotions of strength, and dignity. They can also represent elegance, creativity, and change. So there’s a lot of room for creative interpretation. 

Combined with the bee this piece is the visual exploration of strength through connections. 

Fitting for the second phase of the project. 

Purple Dahlia Art
Here’s “Strength” in its frame.

How Is It Framed

Keeping to the theme of the project I chose to double mat and set the dahlia’s in a modern wood frame. I can’t wait to show you guys how they all look displayed together. We just need to wait for me to complete the fifth piece. 

The original is 4”x6” inches, and the outside measurement of the frame is 9.5” x 11.5” inches. 

I will get the proper set up and I’ll record the process of framing one of my originals. Eventually!

Phase Two You Ask?

Well without giving everything away by giving everything away.  

Phase two takes these original paintings and slaps them onto a series of greeting cards. When the cards launch a portion of each cards sale will be donated to a bee conservation effort! I just need to pick one.

To accompany the cards there will be a custom pattern and a custom logo for the project. I have started designing these I’m just not quite ready to share whats done. Which means I still need to finalize the layout for the greeting cards and finalize the custom pattern.

I will reveal more as the work continues. Keep an eye on my social media. I’ll be subtly asking for feedback in the coming weeks.

Stay Creative,

Justin Erickson

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