Liquid Morpho Butterfly

Let’s kick this year off with some information behind one of my most successful pieces from last year the “Liquid Morpho Butterfly”. A patron sponsored this continuation of my ongoing theme of liquid butterflies, and I jumped on the opportunity. 

Blue Morpho Butterfly
“Liquid Morpho Butterfly”

I’ve Painted A Morpho Butterfly Before 

You might be surprised to know this isn’t the first time I’ve painted the Blue Morpho Butterfly. Back in 2016, when I was in my last semester of college. One of our assignments asked us to film and edit a short video. So I decided on a speed drawing. 

It’s still up on YouTube if you can believe it. 

I just watched it too. Thats the view from my old apartment in Edmonton! I still have that desk. It’s amazing to think about how much has changed since then. Anyway, before I open that box of memories I got some artwork to tell you about. 

I was never truly satisfied with this piece. Recording yourself is stressful, I was constantly worried if the drawing was in focus or if the camera battery died. I was quite distracted throughout the process. As a result I feel like it turned out rushed. 

That original sold and as excited as that made me I had always wanted to try again. 

The Second Attempt

I got an opportunity to make a second attempt last spring, when I was commissioned to illustrate an individuals favourite species of butterfly. Before I continue, they will go unnamed because I didn’t get permission to include their name in this blog. Besides it’s more mysterious this way. 

This time I was meticulous! 

I took my time with the composition, I plotted out the distortions, and the the colours. I feel like I finally gave this piece the dedication it deserved the first time around. It is by far my favourite in the series so far. 

Morpho Butterfly

The original has sold, but I do have prints available. They’re colour matched, and the same size as the original. 

I hope to bring two new instalments to the series this year. So far I’ve only got the colour and a few species picked out. 

You’ll just have to wait and see. 

I’m not sure if it’s the design nerd in me but I’m secretly really excited this piece featured Pantones Colour of the year 2020. “Classic Blue”

What does a Blue Morpho Butterfly Represent

The specific symbolism of this species is in its name “Morpho” which represents a change or an impending transformation.  

In relation to its changing and liquifying wings this piece is the visual interpretation of a changing thought. 

It’s interesting to consider now. Before and after this piece there was a bit of a transformation. At the time the pandemic was just beginning, I had decided to build a new website and change the way I conduct business. I was forced to focus on my work in a new way and discovered a new direction. 

Odd how you make these kinds of conclusions after the fact. 

That basically gives you everything there is to know about this piece and before I start getting all retrospective and ramble on about my life. I have a painting to work on, and some cleaning to do around the office. 

As always thanks for stopping and taking the time to learn more about my work. I appreciate it. 

Stay Creative, 

Justin Erickson 

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