The Botanical Project (Part 6)

Floral Greeting Cards

After six months of work on The Botanical Project. Phase two is well underway. I am very excited to announce the official launch of my new floral greeting cards! Made here in Vancouver out of my studio. If you’re just discovering my site, or you are a long time supporter allow me to tell you more about these cards, their message, and how your purchase helps bee conservation efforts here in Canada.

Floral Greeting Cards

Flowers, Cards and the Message 

There’s five new cards in total. One for each painting in The Botanical Project. I meticulously picked out flowers for their symbolism, and their ability to attract bees. 

You may not know this but a bumblebee represents our connection to our community. In this context the bee represents the bond between you and the recipient of the card. 

That really resonated with me during the creation of these paintings. You’ll notice each one has at least one bumblebee. 


Featuring a bright red peony, this card is intended to convey feelings of Pride, honour, respect, and love. 

Perfect for a recent achievement, graduation, engagement, etc. 


Vibrant Purple ball dahlias show the receiver you wish to express strength or dignity. 

Ideal for expressing your support. A friend just enrolled in a new degree program, or came out.

Genuine Intention

My partners personal favourite a white hydrangea represents genuine intention. 

The perfect flower for asking forgiveness, or expressing heartfelt emotions thoughts, and ideas. 


Who doesn’t love a sunny sunflower to convey adoration, happiness, and loyalty. This might be my personal favourite in the series. It’s a nontraditional way to express love. 

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and other joyous events. 


The Botanical Project Part 6 features these vibrant floral greeting cards.

The most obscure flower in the bunch and that’s exactly why I chose it! Milkweed represents feelings of reconnection and remembrance. 

Perfect for reaching out to an old friend, or expressing condolences. 

Part of Each Sale is Donated to Bee Conservation

Now that I’m able to produce these in house I’m able to donate 5% of each cards sale towards bee conservation. Donations will be made to Wildlife Preservation Canada

You’ll also be happy to know that the paper used for these cards is partially recycled with post consumer paper. 

Eventually I will upgrade to a 100% recycled card stock. Without compromising on colour and quality. 

For the time being I am very proud of the body of work I’ve created here and with your help I hope to contribute positively to our little pollinators. Use my artwork to make a difference. The cards are sold individually for $5.00 or as a variety pack (You get one of each card) for $20.00. That does include envelopes and decorative twine. 


Thank you for coming on this journey with me, there’s still a little more coming. In the next few weeks you should see some new pin designs hit my social media. Until then buy some cards, or give this a share. It means the world. 

Stay creative, 

Justin Erickson

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