The Botanical Project (Part 1)

Red Peony and Bumblebee
Pride – Framed

While it’s still fresh in my mind I wanted to discuss “Pride” the first of five illustrations in my new botanical inspired greeting cards. This painting features a deep red peony with bumblebee. 

Brimming with symbolism this piece is a great way to tell someone you’re proud of them.

Let me explain why. 

What Inspired the Project?

Before I jump right into the details I wanted to brush on the inspiration behind this project. It all started when I was four years old. 


Just kidding it actually started In August. 

During my visit at the Butchart Botanical gardens we ended up in the gift shop. I was hoping to find some plants to bring home, or anything that caught my eye.

I was a little surprised to see how few botanical themed items were actually in the shop. 

Then I started looking everywhere we’d go for botanical themed cards, or stationary, etc. and I didn’t really find anything that inspired me or portrayed the messages I wanted. 

Thats when I started to do my own research and this project really started to take shape. Some of you may remember the poll I took on instagram. It helped me narrow down the flowers I had already selected. 

Now it’s a matter of getting them all finished. 

A rare look at my line art.

The Symbolism of the Red Peony and Bumblebee

What does a Red Peony Symbolize?

Red Peonies symbolize honour, respect, passion, pride, and love. 

They make for a good choice when you want to congratulate someones accomplishments. You can also give your partner a red peony as a flashier alternative to red roses. 

Picking out the matting for pride was a challenge.

Why Include a Bumblebee?

I included a bumblebee because of their symbolism and because I couldn’t work on a botanical project without including bee’s. 

I’ll reveal more about that specifically as the project progresses. 

The bee is most commonly associated with community, brightness, and personal strength.

Now Mash it Together!

This piece represents a combination of your personal community and the warmth a community can provide. Wether it be family, chosen family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances. You are all connected in some way. 

It also sheds light on the pride, love, and respect you have for yourself and your accomplishments. It’s okay to acknowledge that emotion from time to time. You should be proud of yourself. You should be able to stand back and say, yeah… I did that! 

This piece was created with the intention that it be gifted, to show whomever you choose to give it to exactly what’s discussed above. 

Moments after finishing framing “Pride”

The original is for sale, interested parties click the button below.

 hope to have the project done before December but I really don’t want to rush the project. It deserves the time and attention. 

More updates to come!

Stay Creative,

Justin Erickson

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