Hyacinth on Teal

Inspiration Tuesday – March 2020

Hyacinth on Teal

A Disaster of a Project

Another month another inspiration Tuesday coming up!

This month I want to talk about my piece “Hyacinth on Teal” and how much of a disaster that it was and what inspired it. 

This is one of those projects where I decided I wanted to try something new. You know you watch a youtube tutorial or two and you think to yourself “yeah I got this! I can do this!” And it ends up becoming a fucking nightmare! 

I decided to try a new method of mounting paper to a wood panel and prepare it for watercolour. So in my infinite wisdom I tried it. 

At first I thought it was going to work. It looked like the pictures in the tutorial, there were no ripples or pealing. I thought it was secure. So I got to work. 

Fast forward a little and I’ve completed the flower, I start applying the teal washes and guess what! It starts to ripple, and the edges begin to curl. So I stop. I waited a few days for it to dry, reapplied the adhesive where it had rippled, and pressed it.

Moments after rescuing the piece.

Check it a few days later, and some of the adhesive stuck to the cover of one of my old textbooks. I had to use a razor to set it free. Almost ruining the piece. By this point I had to make a choice. Abandon the project, or attempt to remove it from the wood panel. I decided to remove it. A few painstaking hours later I got the painting free. The adhesive however discoloured the pigment in the paint. 

I swear I almost threw this piece into the fire pit a few times. 

Once it was freed from the panel it became easier to work with and we ended up with what you see now. 

Hyacinth on Teal, displayed in my studio Space

The Inspiration

I Started working on this piece in the summer of 2018 just before the Whyte Avenue ArtWalk, around the same time I started “Trinity”… I think?  This piece was originally planned for someones Xmas present. That someone is no longer a part of my journey.

A Hyacinth was their favourite flower. In the language of flowers it represents to be playful. Which is some kind of cruel joke! This piece was so mischievous throughout its entire creation, and has occasionally slipped from its place inside its frame a few times. It’s not going anywhere now though, I used the same method to mount it as you would papyrus. 

The interesting thing about this though is the theme of the flower paralleled the theme of the individual it was for. It’s funny how people are attracted to things that unknowingly represent themselves. 

You might have noticed that behind the flower, there is a broken circle. In sacred geometry a circle means many things. Ranging from concepts like completion, I am whole, ones self, infinity, the circle of life, a bond, and so on and so forth. I actually added the circle after the fallout. Because the circle is broken In this instance it represents change.

I’m sure many of you have realized by now my work is heavily influenced by emotion. In closing this piece was very cathartic for me. Remember kids sometimes people enter your life to teach you a lesson. This turned into a lesson of self worth and respect.

The meaning took a turn huh? Surprise! 

The Framing

I also wanted to mention a bit about the framing on this one. Kinda because I’m proud of it. 

Picking out matting is probably my favourite part of the framing process.

It did however give me the opportunity to frame the piece with live edges. A favourite of mine. In a way I wanted to pay tribute to the difficulties the piece went through by showcasing the flaws in the paper 

It’s been hinge mounted to the matting behind it. I inserted a floater to raise the second mat above the painting. It creates some unique shadows and depth. 

You might find it interesting to know If I ever choose to take it out of its frame, or if it sells and the buyer doesn’t like my framing everything I’ve done is reversible. Conservation framing at its finest!

I’m sure by now you’ve realized picture framing isn’t just a secret skill of mine haha its a passion. 

I will not be making prints of this piece, but the original is still in my possession. If you want to give it a good home you can find more information here.

This piece was created with watercolour, coloured pencil, and ink for the finer details. 

It measures six inches by six inches.

The outside measurements of the frame are 14 inches by 14 inches.

Stay Creative,


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