Welcome to my Surface Pattern Design Portfolio. In this section of my portfolio you will find a selection of my favourite designs for textiles, home decor, and gift wrap.

Not all of my patterns are displayed here. If you would like to view my full collection of available work please visit my Licensing Portfolio.

Wisteria Pattern
Poppy Pattern
Pink Magnolia Pattern
Pink Magnolia
Banana motif
Dragonfruit Motif
Tulip Pattern
The Botanical Project
Spring Daisies Pattern
Spring Daisies
Clover Pattern
Wild Clover

Featured Pattern – Hemlock Loopers

Inspired by the Mothpocalypse. If you’re not from the Vancouver area this past year we experienced a Hemlock Looper Moth boom. There were tens of thousands of them fluttering around. Enough to inspire Steven Kings next novel. The Moth is eats Canadian Hemlock needles and bark. Which is how they received their namesake. No need to worry about them eating your clothes.

Personally I thought it was beautiful. I also created a small painting featuring the Hemlock Looper. If you want to see.

Hemlock Looper Moth
Purple Gift Wrap
Floral Purple Gift Wrap

I do take commission requests, please inquire via email or use the form below.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my surface pattern design portfolio.

Stay Creative,

Justin Erickson

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