Florals For Spring

Now that it feels like spring is over, and summer is underway I figured it was about time I showed off some more surface patterns I’ve been working on. In this weeks blog, I’ll be introducing you to Painted Tulips, and spring daisies. Florals for spring. I KNOW! groundbreaking. 

Painted Tulips

Originally inspired by a design challenge prompt  “Painted flowers” I took it and ran with it. I wanted something light, and simple. My first few renditions had some hard lines, and bold colours. Not unlike the tulips in my brand pattern

It didn’t hit the brief. So I scaled it back, took away the clutter, and the outlines. Resulting in what you see here. Bright, clean, tulips on a white backdrop. 

Perfect for fabric, wallpaper, stationary, etc. 

Spring Daisies

Spring Daisies

Inspired by all of the wild daisies sprouting up all over the city. I had originally planned some Mothers day content around this pattern. Aside from the pattern itself, I didn’t like how any of it turned out. Turns out I’m terrible at conceptualizing and writing inspirational quotes. I couldn’t just slap florals for spring on everything.

That particular project has been shelved, and might resurface next year.

I am however quite happy with how the daisies look all clustered together. Filling the design from top to bottom. 

Just Wanted To Say Thank You! 

With the first week of Pride month coming to a close, I cant even begin to thank everyone for your support. Thank you for choosing my small queer owned business over large corporations rainbow washing everything. I appreciate you. 

If you feel like helping me out, give some of my products on Society6 a share, or a like. Help me reach a larger audience! *laughs manically over thunder clapping*

Get out there and enjoy some sun this weekend if you can.

Stay Creative! 

Justin Erickson

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