Valentine’s Day Patterns

Valentine's Day Patterns

Valentines day is only a few weeks away and I’ve been keeping myself busy creating some Valentine’s Day patterns. I would like to share them with you! Before I put them into my portfolio.

Unfortunately it looks like Covid is going to interrupt this years Valentine’s Day as well. I know a lot of us will be staying in. Personally, my partner and I will be spending the day together making dinner from home, and probably watching something nerdy like Star Trek. I can’t wait. I love an evening in. 

The introvert in me is pleased.

The Valentines Day Patterns

I’ve been trying to come up with some ideas that would fit in with my current body of work and continue to challenge myself with the colours and style I use.

Love Letter

Push the envelope if you will. Ha! Get it? 

Because this pattern is covered in love letters… yeah? 


Moving on!

Definitely went the cute route with this one! You might recognize the theme from my series of greeting cards “A Love Letter” you should get some. Your partner will love a hand written note. *wink*

I left my comfort zone quite a bit for this project by using a minimal colour palette and by reworking the style to be more cartoony. Rounded corners, solid colours, impressionistic elements. It was challenging, but I am quite confident I achieved a more cute aesthetic compared to my other work. 

A Recent Collaboration

Monica over at “Oats Dates and Honey Cakes” and I teamed up to create a curated treat box for Valentines day! 

Valentine's Day Treats
Commissioned for Oats, Dates, and Honey Cakes

With Monica’s direction I created a custom pattern for her packaging! 

The box will include four shortbread cookies, four raspberry truffles, and your choice of two snickerdoodle cake pops or two chocolate cupcakes. Wrapped in tissue featuring the custom pattern I developed for the occasion!

This inspired me to make another variant of the pattern because It was another chance to get outside of my comfort zone. Can you recall a time I illustrated food before? Neither can I.

Valentine’s Day Sweets

I loved creating these Valentine’s Day patterns and I have a growing list of ideas for more. Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing them in the coming weeks. 

I mention this all of the time and I’m going to mention it again! I’m always open for commissions. Private or commercial. Or if you want to lease my artwork. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Stay creative my friends!

Justin Erickson 

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