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Prints for Men's Underwear

Hello hello hello! Yes! It’s me, I’m still here! A lot has happened since January. I honestly feel like my whole life has been put on the back burner. Circumstances caused me to accept a new full time job. I’m the new graphic designer for a local awards manufacturer and I cannot begin to tell you how much it has effected my day to day life and my business. So In an effort to continue being creative and active outside of work. I have decided to focus my free time on a portfolio project. This first batch focuses on Prints for men’s underwear. 

Sorry feminine presenting fam, the next batch will be tailored towards you! So if there’s a specific fruit or veggie you’d like to see leave it down in the comments. 

Prints for Men’s Underwear 

When I started the hunt for a job, Ugh! It’s still hurts to say it, SAXX announced they were hiring surface pattern designers. Obviously I wanted to apply but my portfolio wasn’t ready for the underwear market. 

That’s when the lightbulb went off! 

I gathered some of my friends and we started brainstorming different themes we would want to wear.  Of course we went down the obvious paths like eggplants, and peaches. Eventually we landed on some pretty unique choices. 

This first batch is a bit… fruity! 

I can’t wait to make more, I kept pausing and giggling to myself because I have the sense of humour of a child. 

Banana Motif

I love bananas! Someone change the subject before I spiral down the “I wish they were more sustainable and better for the environment” rabbit hole.

Come on Del Monte do better!

Banana motif

I don’t eat them often, and only if they have the sustainable froggy sticker. While I was trying to determine the correct yellow to use for these motifs I was craving a PB and Banana sandwich. 

Actually! That might make a great pattern. *writes it down*

Over the course of this project I feel I may have stumbled across an illustrative style of my own, and I LOVE IT! 

Pickle Jar Motif 

I know pickles aren’t for everyone! I’m that friend that will always take your unwanted pickles. I even want to start picking my own vegetables. 

This motif was a bit of a train wreck… I had a vision of what I wanted and It took a few attempts. Early on I had to restart, while stifling some chuckles because the pickles really didn’t look like pickles. Making it the one I had the most fun with.

Pickle Jar Motif

If I had a fabric printer and had any sewing knowledge. Trust, I’d already be wearing these. I would be printing my own prints for men’s underwear already. Until then we gotta wait!

Cantaloupe Motif

Now I could say something cheeky along the lines of junk in da trunk but I’m not that clever. If we are being honest, I included cantaloupe because it’s one of my personal favourite fruits. 

Cantaloupe Motif

Did I ever struggle with this motif though! I could’t get the colours right, or the shapes, I think It went through five or six versions until I landed on what you see here. 

Art block, and stress from the new job was real during the process. 

It’s been difficult finding new ways to build and divide my energy amongst my responsibilities. At least I get to spend 90 minutes on the train everyday to think.

Kiwi Motif

Kiwis aren’t my favourite fruit. In think I’m allergic to them. They taste fuzzy… is that even a thing? 

The main reason I drew them is because of their resemblance to a particular pair of organs and it was one of the more popular fruits when I discussed this project with my friends.

Kiwi Motif

Also… can I take a moment to complain about how difficult it was drawing the core and seeds of these things! Once I figured it out though. *chefs kiss*

Dragonfruit Motif

I saved my favourite illustrations for last. My neighbours, probably heard me excitedly showed them off to Mark. I tend to be a quiet person. Until I’m excited about something. I’m sure its a lot to deal with.

Dragonfruit Motif

I am very proud of the colour pallet, the gradients, and the simplified style. If it wasn’t for this pattern I wouldn’t have found the direction for this particular series or even discovered this style of illustration for myself. 

This is another one where I wish I had the means to print the fabric and sew my own clothing. Someone please please please license this print for men’s underwear! 

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this far. It means a lot. It would mean even more if you could take a moment to browse my online store.

I’m sure you’re wondering how I avoiding using some obvious innuendos. It’s because I’m saving them for my social media posts. Check out my Instagram, and TikTok, I’ll be posting them over the next little while. 

I promise it won’t be months until I resurface next! In the meantime!

Stay creative out there, 

Justin Erickson

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