A Love Letter

Inspiration Tuesday – February 2020

I’ve wanted to jump on the Valentines wagon for a while. I know what you’re thinking. More cheesy I wuv you crap. You have all year to tell someone you love them Justin. etc. etc. etc. I can see you rolling your eyes but hear me out! 

I don’t remember much of my great grandma Murphy, but I do remember once she told a story about how my great grandfather would write her. Although he was horrible at it, she cherished those letters. How cute is that? 

My partner gave me a letter once. Talking about how much he likes spending time with me and how hopeful he is about our future. You know the juicy good stuff every Disney princess wants to hear. Naturally I loved it, and I still have that letter hidden away in my shoe box of memories. It’s a thing don’t ask. That letter sparked the inspiration to actually sit down and make these cards. 

There is just something so romantic about receiving a letter. more so now that every aspect of our lives has become so digital. It’s such an intimate experience. To feel the paper, to know that someone took the time to write by hand and put to paper their feelings. I don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t love receiving a letter. Bills excluded.

I must admit I dislike how commercialized valentines day has become, and how some couples treat it like it should be some grande gesture of love, and get disappointed when their partners love language is more subtle or they can’t afford to do something flashy. 

That’s why my latest series “A Love Letter” is a wee bit different from the chocolate hearts, the obnoxiously dyed flowers, and the stuffed animals. 

This series pays tribute to that joy one gets when receiving a letter. Keeping the art of bad poems, and genuine intention alive! 

Do something a little different for your partner this year. Write them. 

Walk into love my friends,

Justin Erickson

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