The Botanical Project (Part 3)

Framed White Hydrangea Painting

I am absolutely thrilled to call this one done! We are officially past the half way mark for the project. I’m technically creating these at random, but part three features a white hydrangea and bumblebees. You could consider this an exploration of genuine intention. 

Framed White Hydrangea Painting
“Genuine Intention”

You might have noticed this is the first time I have illustrated a hydrangea. Admittedly I’ve been intimidated by the volume of petals and I can confirm that its a task and a half. The piece took 3 hours longer than the milkweed did and will likely remain the most time consuming in the series.

Theres 131 different petals. I just counted.

Including a White Hydrangea

For such a large and vibrant flower you might be surprised to learn that the hydrangea represents heartfelt emotion, genuine intention, apology, and a desire to understand. 

All very difficult things to express with words alone. 

One of the negative interpretations of the hydrangea symbolizes boastfulness. I am feeling pretty proud of this piece and you could argue I am being boastful about it. Sharing it on social media, and here in my blog. I find the coincidence funny. 

Here’s something you may not know. You can actually change the colour of a hydrangeas blooms based on the acidity of the soul they’re in. 

If you have a white or pink hydrangea in your garden by adding things like coffee grounds, or orange peals to the soil around it. In a few days the blooms will start changing colour. As a result they usually become blue.

For the avid gardener out there here’s some care tips.

The Framing

Is it really a blog if I don’t mention the framing?


For this one, It has been set in the same wooden frame as the others in the series and double matted with two crisp white mats. It’s a touch on the traditional side for my taste. However I think it suits the piece extremely well. 

Here’s a glimpse of “Genuine Intention” in my workspace.

Like the others the original is 4”x6” inches. 

The outside measurement of the frame is 9.5”x11.5” inches. 

Now I get to decide which piece to start next. Sunflowers, or some Ball Dahlias. I might have to flip a coin. 

Stay Creative, 

Justin Erickson

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