Common Blue Butterfly Trio

Common Blue Butterfly

I’m not sure if the pandemic is making me feel sentimental or if I got inspired to write about this Common blue butterfly Trio because I saw them in my Facebook memories, it’s about time they got the spotlight. 

Common Blue Butterfly
“Common Blue Butterfly Trio”

Meaning and Inspiration 

The common blue butterfly symbolizes a lot of different things. Creativity, a change in energy, joy, etc. I love this particular species of butterfly. It was one of the first I ever researched and I can confidently say It is responsible for kickstarting my interest in Lepidopterology. 

I go into greater detail about it in this blog

Combine that interest with some new paints, and a few pieces of scrap paper from a larger project. Boom! I started the trio. 

The Common Blue Butterfly Trio sketches are in the bottom left.

It’s my old apartment and my old desk set up! Maybe I am feeling sentimental. 

Coincidentally this trio inspired a few similar commissions. Featuring Cabbage Moths, Sulphur Butterflies, and Mourning Cloaks. They’re on display in my portfolio section if you want to see them. 

Framing The Blue Butterfly Trio

I had such a difficult time finding the right frames for this trio that they went unframed for quite some time. Over a year and if I’m being honest I stopped looking. I completed them mid 2017. You may remember, but the trio made their debut at that years Whyte Avenue ArtWalk. I used to displayed them matted, with backing, in protective sleeves. 

I remember when I caved and went into a local frame shop and splurged a little for something custom made. That was a few days after I was invited to display my work alongside the Edmonton Symphony at the Winspear for the Sibelious Festival. It became one of the most memorable events I attended that year.

It also forced me to really reconsider the way I display and showcase my work. 

My Display at the Winspear, you can see my friend

You can see that only one of the butterflies is framed, thats because the moulding I chose was backordered.

I used to work in a gallery, and managed the frame shop. There’s really nothing you can do. So I wasn’t that upset. I was just glad I got a preview of what they would all look like. 

Can you tell I miss events?  

Selling One of Three

By that years Whyte avenue ArtWalk I had them all framed. I had hoped to sell them together as a series. I was torn. There was bills to pay, and stolen items to replace. My car had been broken into. I won’t get into details about the theft, it’s been well over a year but it certainly set me back. 

I eventually agreed to sell one of the three to a lovely woman from New York. What was she doing in Edmonton… I have no idea. 

That means there’s only two left. So they’re available as a pair or individually. 

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the Holidays. I’m working my way through my holiday commissions as we speak. I do have space for a butterfly or moth commission, let me know there’s still a little time. 

Later this week I will be posting a gift guide. I still have some holiday card packs available. If you hurry, you can receive them in time to send them to your loved ones. 

And with that stay creative my friends,

Justin Erickson

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