Lucid Thought A Blue Butterfly Pin

It’s APRIL! So for this months Inspiration Tuesday, I wanted to talk about the little blue butterfly pin I designed. Called “Lucid Thought.”

Lucid Thought nestled on my old backpack

The Making of the Pin

Making a pin was something I had on the back burner for a while now. I was inspired to jump on the wagon after a few friends of mine tried the same thing. I knew I wanted to make a butterfly. 

I remember thinking to myself “I collect pins, It couldn’t be that difficult.” OH WAS I WRONG!

I definitely didn’t have the knowledge I would have liked and I kind of blindly went about it. I started networking and looking into tutorials on how to design pins. Eventually I came up with the first draft of the small butterfly pin and then the second, third, fourth, fifth, and so on. 

After a lot of revisions, and learning you need special tools to cut some of the curves and holes in my design, it got a lot more expensive and time consuming. I don’t regret the set backs or the challenges. I’ll know better for next time.

The finished pin, beside the original concept sketch.

I want to give Mr.PinMan here in Edmonton a quick shout out. Without their help this project would never have seen the light of day. Thank you. I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.

Materials Used

These butterfly pins were made on silver coated copper. With hard enamel finishing. It’s of a higher quality, resulting in richer longer lasting colours. 

The best way I can describe enamel is that it is a kind of semi-transparent or opaque resin like substance that you apply to metal for a glossy finish? I don’t really understand it myself. I always thought enamel was the outer layer of a tooth. 

My partner showing off Lucid Thought in one of his photo shoots!

What inspired the Design

Let me explain the piece a little. Actually! This will explain quite a few of my works. 

A piece of symbolism I love to focus on with moths and butterflies is how they directly correlate with your unconscious mind and thought. We often discuss our thoughts as lucid. Fluid in the way they are shaped and formed. Holding form but soft around the edges. Fragile. 

I remember years ago mulling over these ideas and drawing a connection between my thoughts and the behaviour of butterflies and the muse was born. Every piece I have ever done with a butterfly or moth with liquid wings represents a dream, or a thought. 

A favourite of mine, and the species of my small butterfly pin is actually an alien species to our region. The Common Blue Butterly has spread across North America,  most likely making its way here from Europe in shipping containers etc. You can find them almost anywhere during the summer months. 

Blue Butterfly Trio as proof this species is a favourite of mine.

I think it was the first species I ever researched, and because of that I felt it was fitting to be my first pin. 

If I Wear This Butterfly Pin What Does it Signify?

For me it means a few different things. 

In some folklore seeing a blue butterfly represents that you’re supposed to remember something in that moment. In others it represents good fortune, hope, and happiness. 

I like to think that my pins are a combination of the two. I hope they bring the wearer luck, happiness, and a reminder not to forget a cherished memory. 

A Rare Selfie!

Where can I Buy the Small Blue Butterfly Pin 

If this has inspired you to purchase a pin of your own, click the button below.

Get out there and support local guys! 

Stay Creative,

Justin Erickson

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