A String of Lights 2nd Edition

A Set of Birdhouse Holiday Cards

I am proud to present “A String of Lights” Holiday Cards the 2nd Edition! A new set of birdhouse holiday cards! To be completely honest I have had plans to illustrate this series since this time last year, but got a little overwhelmed with markets, my full time job, and everyday life. So It feels so good to have finally finished them. 

If you want to skip the blog and get right to the bread and butter, here’s a link to the cards.

Each illustration features a silly little bird and their home decorated for the holiday season. Each illustration is set at a different time of day, some include snow and others don’t. On a slightly unrelated note, I miss the snow. Now that I live on the pacific west coast all we get is rain. Makes you appreciate four distinct seasons.

Designing These Bird Themed Christmas Cards

When I started designing these bird themed christmas cards I had subconsciously sketched the different birdhouses and feeders my mother had placed around her home. At first I couldn’t figure out why they felt so familiar. Until I talked about one of them out loud with Mark, I told him about how there used to be a little rectangular birdhouse attached to the fence at the end of the driveway. I’d watch the birds dart around and sit on the barbed wire most mornings waiting for the school bus.

It makes sense I was drawing them when you consider I spent hundreds of hours of my childhood and teens outside photographing and sketching the different things found around the property. I think because of that this series of illustrations really holds a sense of home and familiarity for me. 

They’re like comfort drawings.

Here’s a little side by side comparison. Not exactly the same, but similar enough.

Each winter, my Mom would decorate the yard in different ways. I think one of my favorite things she ever tried was when the lights stretched down the fence all the way across the property. I tried to recreate that look with the house on the fence and before I knew it each illustration had more realistically sized lights compared to the first edition. 

At first I thought I would continue the theme from the first addition almost exactly. Right down to the sizing, and the way the illustration fits a third of the cover page. The more I played with different shapes and sizes, the more confusing, or awkward the illustrations felt.

Eventually I made a series of quick sketches utilizing the entire space of the cover, and after refining them a little I decided on a 4”x6” illustration with a half inch border was the best way to keep them all consistent.

Draw 100 Something Challenge (Birdhouses)
Planning A String of Lights 2nd Edition

Another thing that’s different about these cards from the others is that they’re blank inside.

The most consistent feedback I have received about my cards is that the illustrations on the inside took up too much space and got in the way of your messages. I use them myself, and I agree. So naturally I decided to listen to your feedback and keep the insides blank. There’s nothing to get in the way of your messages now!

Spread Holiday Cheer with these Unique Holiday Cards

It wouldn’t be a spotlight blog without a bit of a plug. Spread a little cheer a little differently this upcoming holiday season with A String of Lights Holiday Cards the Second Edition.

Sold in a variety set of five, and they’re now packaged with biodegradable materials!

Have a great holiday season, and a happy new year. Stay creative out there, and make time for yourself! You’ve earned it. 

Warmest Regards,

Justin Erickson

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