Peek Inside my Sketchbook

This is the first of a new series of articles I will be writing. I guess it would be considered a new segment. Anyway I’ve decided to open up my sketchbook and feature a random page, and give you a peek! 

The first Thursday of each month will feature a new page and a little story about what’s on the page. So to kick things off we are going back to a sketchbook I used periodically from 2016 to 2019. 

It may or may not have everything to do with that I’ve decided to do this month. 


This year I’ve decided against participating in Inktober, for multiple reasons and opted into a new challenge called Slowtober. 

It’s this brilliant almost stress free idea to create a single new piece over the month of October. 

Sharing the process, and updates along the way. 

No rules, no theme, just genuine creativity.

Instead of 31 individual drawings. If any of you remember what I did for last years Inktober, I drew Bur in various scenarios and nearly turned myself grey in the process. I did finish all 31, goal reached, achievement unlocked, book closed. DONE! Never again… These challenges should be fun. 

So if you want to jump on this new band wagon with me. I’ll put on some tea and we can discuss ideas! 

Todays Sketchbook’s Featured Page

Don’t laugh but I was playing Breath of the Wild and I entered a shrine called “Collected Soul” and for whatever reason that title stuck with me. So much so It swam around in my thoughts for a while, eventually taking on some form and I decided I needed to draw it. 

Eventually it went from Collected Soul to Collaborative Thought. 

It’s really not much now, but in the coming weeks It’s slowly going to take shape. Featuring a variety of different species, and a whole rainbow of colour. I’m really excited to get this piece on the easel and run with it. 

In Personal News

Vehicle Troubles

A few of you noticed I mentioned vehicle troubles on instagram. Yeah it’s stressful. I took my car in for an “out of province vehicle inspection” and it failed. The mechanic gave me a list of parts I’ve never heard of before, and said replace them. 

A little research later and these repairs are pushing six thousand dollars to fix. I’m waiting on a second opinion and a few quotes before deciding what to do. 

I can’t really afford the repairs, should I sell it? If by any chance you were thinking of buying something now would be an incredible time to do so. 

I hate begging… but I just might. 


Some of you are probably wondering why Bur hasn’t made an appearance today. Unfortunately the little guy is creating too much stress for me. I’ve been trying to stay motivated and inspired to keep drawing comics. Lately I don’t feel they’re adding value to my work. 

As much as I love Bur it makes me sad taking a break. I need it. 

So for the time being. Bur is going on hiatus. 

That about sums up everything going on around here. I’m off to get started on that new painting. 

Stay Creative, 

Justin Erickson

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