Ugh… Stairs

The Somewhat Daily Adventures of Bur – 025

025 – Ugh… Stairs

Hey guys! 

Does anyone else get stressed over the holidays? You do! good… I’m glad I’m not alone.  

I almost didn’t get this weeks comic finished on time. 

I’ve been busy with a new client, which you may have seen if you’ve recently visited West Edmonton Mall. You should go check out the experiences, they’re bad ass.

There’s also a few other miscellaneous projects i’ve been working on, i’ve been trying to keep my business in a state of growth. It definitely feels like an uphill battle at times. 

You guys want to hear about some drama?

To bad I’m gonna tell you anyway!

A few weeks ago I was reported as spam, and shadow banned on instagram. I know! Spam!

I share my artwork and occasionally glimpses into my personal life on instagram. I can’t believe someone would feel that my posts were spam. Even my promoted posts feature artwork. It’s not like I post the same content day after day. it’s really disappointing. 

For those of you that don’t know when you get shadow banned your posts don’t make it to any of your followers or new people. It’s basically like putting up a sign in the middle of a field and wondering why no one except the farmer saw it. 

So if you’re the one that reported me and you’re reading this. Thank you for interfering with my business. You’ve helped so much. SO MUCH!

I have no idea why all this reminds me of the stairs in princess peach’s castle that go on and on and on. Actually wait yes I do. I can hear that music and bowsers laughter as I write this… 

Sometimes it is so easy to concentrate on the path (stairwell) in front of you and wonder why you don’t feel like you’re going anywhere. 

The journey is never a straight line.

Like Mario I need to give up climbing those stairs and search for more power stars elsewhere. If you’re going through something similar maybe its time to take a few steps back and try to reach your goals from a different direction.

Here’s to new adventures and less negativity. 

Stay Creative,


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