This Sucks

The Somewhat Daily Adventures of Bur – 033

033 – This Sucks

Honestly This Does Suck

I wasn’t sure I really wanted to talk about any of this. Or if I should jump on the band wagon and give you all even more Covid-19 doom and gloom. It’s everywhere. Instagram, facebook, the news, the radio. There is no escaping it. 

There’s also something secure about hiding behind the door marked “I got my shit together.”

Unfortunately I don’t. Not always anyway. I like to think I do a good job of showing vulnerability, and being honest with you guys. I think that’s why this weeks comic hints a little at what’s going on in my work life. 

My little business is all but dead in the water. Clients are scared and closing their doors. Maybe permanently. It’s hard to know at this point. 

Acquiring new clients is near impossible because everyone is worried. With good reason.

In the past month I have lost commissions, I have lost regular clients, and the events I had booked have cancelled. Some of them aren’t giving out refunds… Which puts a pretty big strain on me and other local artists. It does make me worry how I’m going to maintain my bills and my debt for much longer than a few months. 

I hate doing this but I want to take a moment and say, if you were thinking of supporting my art, now would be a perfect time. Even if it’s as simple as a share. 

I am hopeful this whole ordeal brings on some positive changes. Its is blatantly clear our political systems and the idealisms of capitalism has failed us. 

I hope once this is over the healthcare system gets the love and attention it deserves. That the hospitality workers, the food industry workers, the employees working to keep groceries stocked, farmers, etc. Get recognized for how essential their services actually are.

How I’ve Been Handling Things

Don’t get me wrong I’m not on the verge of some emotional breakdown but some days are definitely better than others. 

I am grateful I still get to see my partner. We are practicing social distancing and minimizing risk to our families as best we can. It certainly helps being close to loved ones. 

Grocery shopping or hunting and gathering as I’ve started calling it has become quite an adventure. Stay BACK stranger! Where’d all the yeast go… Don’t touch that, oops HAND SANITIZER! As creepy and quiet the grocery store has become I try to make it fun. 

I suddenly have a lot of time to work on my personal projects. Testing new products. Reading books about my industry, and artists. Playing with concepts. Exploring and redefining my art. I hope to elevate my work through this downturn. 

Let’s also thank Nintendo for releasing Animal Crossing New Horizons! It has helped distract me from all the negative stuff I’ve been seeing on the news. It’s also helped create a little normalcy for me. I can turn it on, look after my island, visit friends (real and virtual), and feel like I’m still part of a growing community. 

Until IT happened… I enjoying my morning, pockets full of fish. I went into Nooks Cranny to sell my wares and there IT was. Toilet paper! Then little Tommy was kind enough to inform me they only had it in… LIMITED… SUPPLY! 

I’ve also been following the CBC for my COVID-19 updates, they seem to be less doom and gloomy than the others. They also have some good tips on how to stay safe, and protect your family. 

If it wasn’t for the financial side of things, or the uncertainty of having a stable income throughout this whole thing I would be completely fine. I guess it’s a benefit of being introverted. 

Stay safe, reach out if you need to be social, and most importantly stay creative,

Justin Erickson 

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