Print Design

This traditional approach to marketing and advertising is still widely used and effective today. Print design can help grow your businesses presence through a wide range of consumers. 

Invitations, Greeting Cards, and Postcards

Ranging from wedding invitations, custom cards, and postcards. Wether you want to keep it simple, funny, or memorable. Customization is endless with multiple styles and sizes.

Brochure Design

The possibilities, and customization is near endless. It just depends on the number of folds you’re willing to try. The most popular choice is Tri-fold. 

Custom Business Cards

Your business card is typically the first point of contact between you and your potential consumers. It is important to keep it simple, and concise. 

Event Posters

Make it loud and eye catching. The most common sizes range from 18” x 24”, 24” x 36” and 27” x 40” Larger formats are possible. We can help you decide what works best for you.

Advertising and Marketing Collateral

The possibilities are endless. Let me help you take your ideas and put them to work. Despite the digital age, traditional print based marketing remains an extremely useful tool.

Digital Design

Digital is no longer a thing of the future, it is here and now. Having a strong digital presence with cohesive digital collateral is imperative to increasing sales or simply being seen online. Get more likes, more views, and more conversions by investing in strong digital design.

Logo Development

Incorporating custom illustration, colour theory, and typography we will assist you in creating a the logo you envision.

Branding and Rebranding for Small to Large Businesses

The in depth process includes developing a visual identity with a cohesive theme and colour palette throughout all business collateral. Determining the personality of the business and the way you want consumers to perceive you.

Custom Illustrations

My skillset focuses on a variety of disciplines that overlaps with my digital work. Most notably traditional botanical drawings, and filigree elements.

Social Media Management

Through unique content strategy, scheduled posts with a focus on engagement, assistance with targeted advertising, cohesive design, and product photography. We will ensure the growth of your social media presence.

With different tiers available, we can determine which plan best fits your needs.


Customized content strategy | Scheduled posts with a focus on engagement


Customized content strategy | Product Photography | Scheduled posts


Customized content strategy | Product Photography | Scheduled posts | Cohesive Design | Targeted Advertising

Custom Artwork

In the market for something unique, one of a kind? You might want to consider custom artwork. Primarily using watercolour, coloured pencil, and ink with a focus on surrealism, and nature lets discuss creating something tailored to you.

Commissions are open!

Cabbage Moth Trio

Custom Moth or Butterfly Artwork

A cruelty free way to collect moths or butterflies otherwise known as Lepidopterology. You’ll get something unique to you featuring the species of your choice. As an added bonus you can choose to frame the piece on your own or get me to do it.

Secretly If you do decide to commission me I promise I’ll do a little happy dance in my kitchen.