Road Trip to Jasper

039 – Road Trip to Jasper

Earlier this week, my best friend Jeff stopped in town. It had been just over a year since his last visit, and I couldn’t have been happier to see him. A few days into the week and Mark informed us he had a showing down in Jasper. So we obviously risked getting him into trouble and tagged along.

Boom we take off!

We are about twenty minutes from jasper. Just about to pass the last rest stop before arriving and Jeff yelled out “That guys naked!” Sure enough on the side of the highway, coming up out of the Miette river is a completely naked man. We all screamed, and i’m sure every other vehicle going by did too.

It’s definitely going to be one of those stories we discuss for years to come.

While in Jasper we decided to check out Horseshoe Lake. Absolutely stunning. Highly recommend it. LOOK AT SOME PHOTOS!

Oooph… I need a haircut

We have plans to go back in August. I might spend a few days there. Do some open air painting, explore, relax, hide from responsibility. You know how it is!

After last weeks rant, I wanted to keep this post lighthearted. As things seem to be going back to normal. Remember to keep learning, to keep reflecting. We can’t go back to what our normal used to be.

Stay Creative,

Justin Erickson

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