Welcome to my graphic design portfolio.

Here you’ll find a variety of projects and designs related to the different graphic design services I offer. Ranging from logo design, label design, print design, and branding modifications.

Logo Design

In this section of my portfolio you will find a variety of logo designs.

Witchy jewelry logo design
Capilano Animal Clinic Logo

Brand Development for Oats Dates & Honey Cakes

Oats Dates and Honey Cakes is a start up bakery in Edmonton Alberta. Featuring a wide variety of gluten free baked goods.

I was tasked with creating a logo, branded packaging, and miscellaneous business collateral for the bakery.

Packaging Design

Using the name as inspiration, we went with a modern pallet showcasing bright yellow, and a warm honey coloured orange.

The packaging and the business collateral feature illustrations Inspired from the businesses name. Adorning honeycomb, dates on the branch, and sprigs of oats.

Custom Valentine’s Day Pattern

For Valentine’s Day, I was asked to create a themed custom pattern for their food safe tissue paper used in the treat boxes.

Restricted to two colours, the pattern featuring cake pops, chocolate truffles, cupcakes, and candied hearts.

There are more planned for Halloween and Christmas.

Logo Design
Packaging Design
Oats Dates & Honey Cakes Valentine's Day
Custom Valentine’s Day Pattern

Book Cover Design

In this section you’ll find a selection of book cover designs created by yours truly.

Miss Benson's Beetle

Brotherhood Aromatics Logo Design

Back in 2018 I was approached by Brotherhood Aromatics to create their logo.

I was challenged to create something that presented as masculine, modern, and bold.

Inspired by the brotherhoods signature scent which combined lotus flowers and sandalwood. After providing a few dozen different ideas.

The owners decided to incorporate one of my favourite subjects to illustrate. Florals!

Label Designs for Pearl Candle Co.

I was approached by Pearl Candle Co. to design a series of labels for their limited edition scented candles featuring Hollywood stars throughout the ages.

This project had me researching the history of cinema, specifically the ghost stories of Hollywood. Who doesn’t love a good ghost story?

I had near complete creative freedom for this project. I was asked to use a specific colour palette, and a subject to adhere to for each label.

The First label (Clift)

Features Montgomery Clift. He is One of the first actors to allow his gay identity be disclosed upon his death.

Sightings of his ghost usually accompany the smell of tobacco and bay leaves.

That is why the label features a well dressed man with tobacco and bayleaf adorning his lapel.

The Second Label (Entwistle)

This next design features Peg Entwistle, and her tragic story involving the Hollywood Sign.

It’s said her ghost still haunts the park, and that before a sighting individuals smell gardenia. The label features the Hollywood H, and blooming gardenias.

The Third Label (Valentino)

The third label in the series features Rudolph Valentino. Credited as Hollywood’s first sex symbol. The scent was inspired by his beverage of choice, rose water tea.

The label features a stylized silhouette of a man enjoying a cup of tea, in rosy red colours.

It’s said if you leave roses at his grave, you’ll notice the smell of rosewater throughout the day.

The First Label (Clift)
The Second Label (Entwistle)
The Third Label (Valentino)

A logo, and Brochure for 4 Way Developments Ltd.

When Dianna, from 4 Way Developments ltd. approached me they were looking to refresh their existing branding.

I was tasked with creating a new logo for the company, a brochure, and a few miscellaneous designs for their social media, website, and business cards.

Previously their logo was a compass rose.

Inspired by a minimalist design. We simplified the compass down to four squares, in a diamond orientation. Reflecting the companies past, while still representing North, East, South, and West.

This minimalist approach was carried throughout their branding. Keeping it simple with clean lines and contrast.

Layout Design

In this section of my portfolio you’ll find samples of work involving layout design. Such as business cards, brochures, invitations, etc.

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