Origami Festival

043 – Origami Festival

I’ve been struggling a bit lately to find inspiration for Bur. I honestly think it might have something to do with the move and adjusting to a new space, and a new city. As much as I’m feeling settled, and enjoying my new surroundings, I do miss the familiarity of my old surroundings. Throughout the move I got my hands on “Paper Mario The Origami King” and I’ve been using it as a bit of an escape. 

The Origami Festival 

I’ve wanted to do something more nerdy for a while! Before I get going I want to say how relieved and happy I am with this instalment to the paper Mario franchise. They redeemed the disaster that was Sticker Star.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to play, I’ll avoid major plot spoilers as best I can. The plan is to compile some of my favourite moments throughout the game and figure out what Bur would do vacationing in this version of the mushroom kingdom.

So this is your SPOILER WARNING!

We’re going to start with the opening sequence. Full of mystery, and humour. You really need to give this game a try. 

I just can’t imagine the chaos the town would be in when the Origami King arrives. 

In Art Related News

Guess what! I got all of my online orders caught up! So it’s back to business as usual. 

With that said, if you didn’t received an update or a “your order has shipped” notification in the last two days. Please reach out to me. I’m pretty organized but that doesn’t mean I’m perfect. 

I’ve been working on a little duo of paintings. Featuring Ivy, and it’s symbolism. They’re called “Loyalty” and “Support” 

Work in Progress – Support and Loyalty

Hopefully I get them finished in time, I’ll be posting about them in detail within my next inspiration blog. 

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Snuck Away to Kelowna 

My family decided they were going to spend the week in Kelowna, so I packed a few things, and made my way to see them. 

It was nice to take a break from unpacking boxes, and putting things away. I also got to spend some time with this little monster! 

Charlie and His Favourite Hat

How can you resist that little face! I can’t. 

I know covid is still at large, and it’s going to be around for a long time. Finding a balance between responsibly enjoying my free time and the anxiety of slowing the spread and keeping the curve flat is exceedingly difficult. I feel guilty for going, and happy that I did. All at once. 

Anyone else feeling similarly? I thought so. 

Remember! Support Local, wear a mask, wash your hands, and most importantly stay creative. 

Justin Erickson 

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