New Horizons

The Somewhat Daily Adventures of Bur – 032

032 – New Horizons

After seven long years Nintendo has finally given us a new Animal Crossing. I am beyond excited to start playing tomorrow. 

I have been talking this game up for months. So much so my partner has decided to give it a try for the first time as well. He’s going to be addicted. I have so many fond memories of previous titles in the franchise. My entire family was addicted at one point. We’d all play together and see who could have the nicest towns, or the biggest house. 

With all of the recent Covid-19 panic going around, and business taking a huge dive I don’t think this game could have released at a better time. LOL as an introvert this self quarantine business is a blessing. You want to find me? Give me your friend code, come visit my island. 

You’ll likely find me decorating my home, gardening, helping out around the museum, and whatever else I feel like!

Don’t forget to wash your hands,

Justin Erickson

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