Looking Back, Moving Forward

A Group Exhibition with the Langley Arts Council

Looking back, Moving Forward is an online group exhibition hosted by the Langley Arts Council from today April 2nd until May 12th 2021. The council decided to showcase my piece “Faded Dream” for the duration of the exhibit. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have been chosen to participate.

This is the first art show I’ve participated in since moving to the west coast, and for them to choose “Faded Dream” means a great deal to me. That piece is the visual representation of a childhood dream, and how its changed over time. For me The piece marks the turning point in my life when I decided to leave my career in hospitality and work towards my career in the arts.

I’m taking this as a good omen.

For the duration of Looking Back, Moving Forward the original has been pulled from my online store. If you’re interested the original can be purchased directly through the Langley arts council.

Prints however are still available through me.

My Favourites from the Exhibit

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention a few of my favourite pieces from the exhibition.

Wave Imprint #48 by Kaitlyn Beugh

When I first saw this piece I thought it was a photograph of marble, but on closer inspection it appears to be diluted charcoal and ocean water.

Trash No. 2 by Jeong Min Ahn

Featured in the poster for the group show, the level of detail and realism is out of control! When I saw they have under 200 followers on instagram I almost fell over. You gotta drop by and give them some love.

This is where I let you go explore the exhibit for yourself! If you enjoyed the show, give it a quick share, it would mean a lot to myself and my fellow artists.

Enjoy the long weekend and have a happy easter. But more importantly stay creative,

Justin Erickson

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