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Its the first week of November, and that means we survived inktober 2021! This year I decided to participate in one of the many daily drawing challenges floating around the internet and I came across one called Sproutober which was created by an artist I admire named Kevin Jay Stanton. His illustrations fuse a geometric style with paper craft. 

I highly recommend you take a moment to check out his work

I was immediately drawn to this prompt list. Some of the prompts are so unique, quite a few I had no idea what they were. Thats exciting. New plants to explore! And who doesn’t enjoy staying within their wheelhouse? While still getting the chance to challenging yourself to draw something new.

For example Prompt two I legitimately thought it was referencing a tree in Quebec City which had grown around a cannon ball. Nope. Turns out thats an obscure piece of random knowledge specific to Canadians. Check it out.

What i’m getting at is there’s actually a tree out there commonly known as a cannonball tree, and if it wasn’t for this challenge I wouldn’t know that.

The Theme

When I first set out to create drawings for the prompts this year, I wanted to make sure I had a consistent theme and look throughout each illustration. 

I eventually landed on a theme that I usually only use in my graphic design work. It focuses heavily on line art. A Bold outline. A Bolder Boarder. By using different weighted strokes to create depth, light strokes to create fine details and then using cross hatching to create shadows you get an illustrated style that still accurately portrays the subject.

Inktober 2021 Illustrations

Not gonna lie, daily drawing challenges are tough…

So far I’ve done a lot of talking and not a lot of showing. So without further delay here are all 21 prompts laid out In order. 

Wild Violet Drawing
Wild Violet – Day 1
Mountain Avens Drawing
Mountain Avens on Day 4
Tulip Sketch
On Day 7 a Tulip
Rafflesia Sketch
Rafflesia – Day 10
Siberian Trout Lily Drawing
Day 13 Siberian Trout Lilies
Sagewood Flowers
Sagewood – Day 16
St. Johns Wort flowers
Day 19 – St. Johns Wort
Cannonball Flower
Cannonball Tree – Day 2
Rhododendron ink drawing
Day 5 – Rhododendron
Common Fig Sketch
Day 8 – Common Fig
Fraqqua Iris Drawing
Fraqqua Iris on Day 11
Wild Rose Drawing
A Wild Rose for Day 14
Morning Glory Illustration
On Day 17 Morning Glory
Tomato Sketch
Tomatos for Day 20
Mpaga Flowers
The Third Day – Mpaga
Columbine Sketch
Columbine for the Sixth Day
Horse Chestnut Flowers
Horse Chestnut – Day 9
Serviceberries illustration
Day 12 was Serviceberry
Pheasant's Eye Drawing
15th Day Pheasant’s Eye
Sea Squill Flowers
Sea Squill for Day 18
Peach Blossoms Sketch
Day 21 Peach Blossoms

Now That These Drawings Are Finished

To make it worse I am really bad for putting a lot of pressure on myself that each drawing must be a well thought out masterpiece. I also stress out about completing a drawing daily mainly because the stress of falling behind is crippling. Regardless what my work flow and responsibilities may be.

I am trying to get better at taking these challenges less seriously.

This year I found it was a lot easier to think of each prompt as practice. I fell behind a few times. Yes It stressed me out but I had other projects to work on. Like a branding project, and a few events around the city.

I did find time to work on each prompt, and I managed to complete all 21 by October 31st.

When you set out to be a full time artist, and you rely on your work to pay the bills etc. it is really easy to forget that not everything you create needs to be perfect.

With that being said I was absolutely shocked at the response these little drawings got from you guys. I received some really great feedback, and interest in this style. I’m humbled, and I also need to buy groceries and pay the internet bill. So I have decided to take your advice and sell them individually!

Just In Time For The Holidays. 

Each Drawing is available for sale.

I want to offer two options.

The drawing itself for $55.00

OR! For an upgraded price of $95.00 I will frame the drawing to conservation standards, with a 5×7 frame, showing the raw edges of the paper, and UV reflective glass.

After posting a poll on my social media, I have decided to offer two choices. A white frame, or a black frame.

I will be charging for shipping on these guys. I want to purchase insurance for the glass. It isn’t cheep, and if it breaks in transit I want to be able to help you replace it.

Here’s an example of what they would look like.

Now before I get back to work. I want to thank you for your support through another daily drawing challenge. Oh! and If you fell in love with one of these drawings I hope you decide to take that support even further with a purchase.

If you can’t thats alright throw me a like or a share over on social media instead. It helps! Until next time.

Stay Creative, 

Justin Erickson

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