How Long has it Been?

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037 – How Long has it Been?

I think our first day quarantine regulations went into effect was February 8th 2020… I’m not 100% sure. I know it hasn’t been that long. I’m just being dramatic. No I will not post photos of how wild my hair is. Don’t even!

One thing I do miss is a regular haircut. I would usually go every 4-5 weeks. I got to visit with a good friend, and I’d leave feeling great.

The internal struggle to go out and enjoy the relaxed conditions is unreal. Especially with the nicer weather.

I personally feel it’s still too early to be reopening hair salons, restaurants, retail, etc. and it is so difficult for me to keep these opinions to myself.

Health and Happiness > Money

I understand the need to stimulate the economy, I just wish there were better ways to do it. Like supporting a local business online, instead of in person. You know? minimize contact, minimize risk.

Before I start rambling on even more. I should probably go attempt to work on something.


Justin Erickson

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