Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Hey everyone, It’s that time of year again! The Holiday season has officially arrived. So I hope you’ve got yourself a peppermint mocha, and a cozy sweater because it’s time to start thinking about that shopping list and checking it twice. Yeah… I never said I was good at sales. So please, relax, sip that hot beverage, and scroll through the Justin Erickson Art Holiday gift guide 2021

Holiday Cards, and Greeting Cards

As always each variety pack comes with 5 cards, featuring one of each illustration in the series and 5 envelopes. Additionally I have made the decision to start selling my cards individually!

The variety packs sell for $20.00 dollars

Individually each card sells for $6.00 dollars.

With some changes to my production costs I’ve also been able to offer free shipping on orders of greeting cards within Canada!

A String of Lights

These happy little birds are getting into the holiday spirit by decorating their homes for the season.

They make great religion neutral holiday cards.

A Message of Hope

Not only are these little birds cute but they have an important job.

They are delivering your messages safe and sound.

A Love Letter

Special delivery!

Each card uses the language of flowers to express different ways to tell someone you love and appreciate them.

A Message in a Bottle

I will let you know I only have a handful of these cards left and I don’t plan on reprinting them.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Instead I plan on redesigning the series in the near future. The theme holds a soft spot in my heart.

Message in a Bottle Greeting Cards
Floral Greeting Cards

The Botanical Project

These floral greetings cards use the language of flowers to express a variety of emotions.

Ranging from pride, strength, genuine intention, adoration, and remembrance.

Additionally 5% of every sale is donated to “Wildlife Preservation Canada’s” bumblebee conservation efforts.

Lapel Art Pins

Common Blue Butterfly Pin

This little blue butterfly pin through its symbolism is intended to help you remember something important to you.

You might be interested to know this lapel pin was made right here in Canada! By a little manufacturer outside Edmonton called Mr.PinMan.

Fine Art Prints

Limited Edition Prints

This quality of print is as close to the original as you can get, without buying the original.

Printed on archival quality paper, with archival inks.

Each print is signed and numbered.

Liquid Sasakia

For $100.00 this print makes a high quality, cruelty free gift for an entomology buff, or avid gardener.

This price includes shipping for Canadian residents.

To create exclusivity there is a very limited run of 10 and as of writing this nine of them remain.

This is also the first limited edition print I have ever made and I couldn’t be happier with the quality!

Open Edition Prints

My open edition prints don’t get the same level of colour matching or the same archival quality papers as an LE

Instead they are printed on card stock, with archival inks and I don’t sign or number them.

In fact I print them to order. It helps me keep the price point down helping me make my artwork accessible to any budget, without compromising on quality.

Making these prints a really good way to stay on budget.

Queen of Spades Print

Creativity and Sterility

Originally created to be the Queen of spades, for a playing card project. I always felt this piece would go to someone with a really cool games room.

I will retiring this piece to my portfolio once the prints sell out. Once they’re gone, they will stay gone.

At the time of writing this, there are only five 16×20 prints for $50.00 left.


Memory is a piece that pays tribute to one of my favourite scenes from one of the best indie gaming experiences I have ever had.

If you know someone who loves Undertale, this is the gift for them.

Available in three sizes




A Message at Sea

Inspired by the uncertainty and the adventure of moving from the prairie to the lower mainland. This piece represents the start of a new journey. What you left behind, and what lays ahead.

Prints are available in one size.


Faded Dream

Through its symbolism to me this piece represents a childhood dream, and how that dream has both changed and remained the same over the years.

Featuring my favourite species of moth the catocala relicta or White Underwing Moth.

This print is available in two sizes.



Liquid Monarch

Through symbolism, this piece represents an affirmation of love.

Featuring the Monarch Butterfly.

Prints are available in one size.


Liquid Morpho

Again using its symbolism this piece represents an affirmation of freedom.

Featuring a Blue Morpho butterfly. Prints available in one size.


Prints on Sale

Din's Fire Prints

Din’s Fire

Do you have a gamer on your shopping list? Well I just might have the unique gift you’ve been searching for.

This print is on sale for 35% off because this year “The Legend of Zelda” celebrated its thirty fifth anniversary.

The print is available in three different sizes.




Original Artwork Under $100.00

This section is dedicated to the most affordable originals within my collection. These are a great way to own or gift an original without breaking the bank. *wink*

Common Blue Butterfly 2 – $50.00
Red Poppy
Remembrance Day Poppy 2019 – $85.00
Common Blue Butterfly 3 – $50.00

Inktober Drawings

Theres already a blog and complete directory to this series of drawings. You can find it here.

Each drawing is available on its own for $55.00, or for an upgraded price of $95.00 I will frame it for you. In your choice of a black or white frame.

Showing off the exposed raw edges, and set beneath UV protective glass.

These drawings are an affordable way to own an original, and they make a great piece for the gardener on your list.

Original Artwork for $550.00 or Less

This section is dedicated to the majority of my work. I’ll be honest. If you were to purchase one of these, I will do a little happy dance, and jump around my office.

Pink Tulips
Two Pink Tulips – $135.00
Loyalty and Support
Loyalty and Support – $180.00
Purple Dahlia Art
Strength – $325.00
Sunflower Artwork
Adoration – $325.00
A Gift of Hope – $500.00
American Goldfinch
Goldfinch and Thistle – $550.00
Phantom Hemlock Looper Moth in Frame
Phantom Hemlock Looper Moth – $150.00
Ignis Fatuus – $275.00
Red Peony and Bumblebee
Pride – $325.00
Framed White Hydrangea Painting
Genuine Intention – $325.00
Orange Milkweed Art
Remembrance – $325.00
Hyacinth on Teal – $500.00

Original Artwork Over $550.00

This last section is dedicated to my more complex and time consuming originals. A purchase of one of these paintings would make an incredibly generous gift, and likely make my cry ugly tears and pledge to name my first born after you.

Framed Sandpiper Artwork
Message at Sea – $625.00
Underwing Moth
Faded Dream – $700.00
Summer Stars – $2000.00
Peony & Common Blue Butterflies – $700.00
Ocarina of Time Fan Art
Din’s Fire – $1000.00
Queen of Spades
Creativity and Sterility – $4000.00

Thank you for Reading the “Justin Erickson Art Holiday Gift Guide 2021”

If you made it down this far I can’t thank you enough. It is a little surprisingly to see how much artwork I have. It’s incredible to see how much time I have dedicated towards my work this year. Anyway, I don’t want to reflect too much, that gets pretty boring!

What I do want to do is wish you a happy holiday season, free of stress, and full of warmth.

Stay creative,

Justin Erickson

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