He Got the Job!

040 – He Got the Job

Where Are We going?

You’re not going to believe this but somewhere around Vancouver! We’ve been getting the run around from what feels like dozens of rental agencies. Suddenly increasing rent after applying. Suddenly telling us they decided on someone else. Being ignored. It’s not like renting here. 

Fingers crossed for this beautiful two bedroom in Richmond. Send me some good vibes! 

I never thought I would be moving to Vancouver… It never interested me.

The cost of living, the over inflated housing market, the volume of people, the noise, and whatever else I’m missing.  It’s so beyond my comfort zone. Yet here I am. Packing boxes and actually feeling really good about it. 

Im surprised to say that I am excited about this. 

Why Vancouver?

Mark was promoted. He’s being transferred to his companies Victoria & area territory. Which is double the size of the one he manages now. He’s getting a show room and his own office! I know! LUCKY! 

Proud boyfriend right here!

Me. I’m going to keep running my business. Just from a new location. To offset the cost of living I’ll need a job. Which kinda hurts my pride but I know it’s a smart decision.

So if any of you know of anyone hiring. Let me know! My hunt has already begun. Resume is up to date. Cover letter is updated. Hopefully I get something cool! 

When Do We Leave?

It’s pretty sudden. 

We’re leaving on the 31st. 

Soooooooooo now might be a really good time to put in any orders you’ve been thinking about. The next few weeks are going to get chaotic and if I’m being honest it would be really nice to sell a few things before the move. 

Less to pack, and it goes towards the cost of the move. 

That also means my next comic may be pretty simple. I have more to say but I’m running out of time today as it is. To be continued! 

Stay creative out there,

Justin Erickson 

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