Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021

Hey peeps, Happy New Year! I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday and that you got the time you needed to relax and recharge. 

With a vaccine on the way, and a lot of things to be hopeful for. I hope that as 2021 unfolds we continue to make changes for the better. 

My Resolutions for 2021

In the interest of conversation, and accountability I’m going to share my resolutions for 2021. 

It’s still unclear if we will have public arts events this year, but now that I’m in a new city, and I’m part of a new arts community I want to display in at least three arts events here in Vancouver. 

I would like my artwork showcased in at least one gallery. Online or in person. I’m not overly picky at the moment.

And for good measure, I have a bunch of new patterns in the works, and I would love to sign a lease agreements and have at least one of those patterns displayed on some kind of product. Be it mugs, tea pots, shower curtains, wrapping paper. I don’t care I just think it would be incredible to see. 

I have a few more, but those are for my ears only. Let’s be honest, no one wants to hear about my fitness goals.

Phantom Hemlock Looper Moth in Frame
“Phantom Hemlock Looper Moth”

This piece was a highlight of 2020 for me. Inspired by a natural phenomenon dubbed The Mothpocolypse here in Vancouver. 

Goodbye 2020 

Honestly It was like someone was out there somewhere playing a game of Jumanji.

The Year in Review

For me this year wasn’t a complete disaster. 

I consider myself lucky. I have a lot to be grateful for. My business survived the year. I’m healthy. I was able to concentrate on my work, and expanding on my education. I haven’t lost anyone directly because of covid. *knocks on wood* I’m housed, and I’m loved and as an added bonus It suddenly became acceptable for me to be as introverted as I wanted. 

The transition Into working from home was a breeze. I had already been working from home the year prior. I will admit I am still amazed we decided to move to Vancouver mid pandemic. T’was an experience.  

Wearing a mask was at first an inconvenience but I now consider masks an accessory and an act of kindness. I often forget I’m even wearing it. Ask my partner on more than one occasion I’ve gone to sip my tea, or eat something with the mask on.

Sure it forced us to change the way we conduct business, and live our day to day lives but as a result it opened my eyes to a series of flaws in our governing systems. Without getting to political capitalism failed us. Shocker…

“A Message of Hope Duo”

Another highlight from this year, it’s a shame I didn’t get to keep them on my walls for long. 

Last New Years Resolutions

Covid got in the way for the majority of my resolutions this past year. Mostly the ones I set for my private life, and the ones I set for the business. However I did complete two of them. 

I decided to leave my old website behind and build my own with WordPress. For SEO and professionalism reasons I ditched Squarespace to the curb. Struggled, struggled some more and eventually created what you see now. 

If you’re new here or a long term follower my monthly “Inspiration Tuesday” blog entry was a challenge I had set for myself last new years. Originally intended as a way to help myself share the meanings and inspiration of my work. I used to struggle with the idea. 

I will be continuing to bring you a different piece each month. 

Framed White Hydrangea Painting
“Genuine Intention”

I’m so proud of this piece, it might actually be my favourite from this year. 

Stay tuned 

With the new year comes new content.

I just want to thank everyone for their comments, likes, and support over the past twelve months. I don’t think any of us really expected to experience what we did. 

So hears to our continued health, and to our continued efforts to stay creative. 

Happy New Year,

Justin Erickson

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