Happy Easter

The Somewhat Daily Adventures of Bur – 034

034 – Happy Easter

It Is Important

This past weekend I know a lot of us celebrated easter a little differently this year. 

We did it differently too. We still prepared a full meal, and dropped off portions to loved ones from a distance. It was actually fairly funny, but it also revealed how many members of my family are struggling with our current situation. 

Social distancing is certainly taking it’s toll on a lot of my friends and family. Some of which are protesting and ignoring the quarantine, and social distancing regulations. 

It’s upsetting, and I can’t stress how important it is to follow these new regulations to protect the individuals in our lives with compromised immune systems, pre-existing complications, or the young, and the elderly. 

I know it isn’t ideal and it is inconvenient but how would you feel if you were responsible for giving your grandmother, or someone else you care for the virus. Do your part. Minimize risk. 

ALRIGHT! Rant is over…

How I’m Doing

Before I get into more personal stuff I want to mention what inspired this weeks comic. This whole experience reminded me of a scene from Loony Tunes. The one with Bugs and Yosemite Sam sitting at this giant table trying to have a conversation. I wanted to do something quick and pay tribute to that scene. 

All in all I am doing okay. 

I’ve been working a lot lately. Trying to keep a regular schedule. I love that I’m getting a chance to work on my personal projects. Chasing ideas, and staying creative is helping me through all of this. 

I know what you’re thinking but you are introverted… Yeah I am, but even introverts need some social time. I will admit I am very selective with who I share my energy with, and I certainly miss those people. Face time helps but it’s not quite the same. I understand what you’re feeling too. Or at least I think I do. 

Well I gotta go, I’m eating a sandwich. 

Stay Creative,

Justin Erickson

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