Here you will find a selection of traditional artwork created with watercolour, coloured pencil, ink, and a variety of other traditional mediums.

Sunflower Artwork
Underwing Moth
“Faded Dream”
“Northern Lights Two”
Framed White Hydrangea Painting
“Genuine Intention”
“Liquid Blue Morpho” (Sold)
Mourning Cloak Butterfly
“Mourning Cloak Trio” (Sold)
“Sulphur Butterfly Trio” (Sold)
Loyalty and Support
“Loyalty and Support”
GRIS Fanart
“Summer Stars”
Purple Dahlia Art
“A Message of Hope Duo” (Sold)
American Goldfinch
“Goldfinch and Thistle”
Phantom Hemlock Looper Moth in Frame
“Phantom Hemlock Looper Moth”
“Chickadees in Autumn”
“Peony & Common Blue Butterflies”
Monarch Butterfly
“Liquid Monarch Butterfly” (Sold)
“Cabbage Moth Trio” (Sold)
Queen of Spades
“Creativity and Sterility”
Orange Milkweed Art
“Remembrance” Featuring orange milkweed and bumblebees.

Thank you for taking the time to browse my artwork. It means a great deal to me. Did you happen to have questions about a specific piece? Maybe you’d like to inquire about commissions!

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Justin Erickson

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