Welcome to the licensing portfolio of Justin Erickson Art! The following page highlights the various collections of surface pattern designs currently available for purchase.

I am happy to discuss terms, make adjustments to any design, and commissions. The best way to get in touch is by email at justinericksonart@gmail.com.

The Fruity Collection

This batch of motifs is a bit… fruity! 

Designed with textiles in mind, specifically the mens underwear market. The next collection will focus on the women’s market. Trust me it’s in the works!

If you would like to learn more about this series in greater detail, click here.

Banana motif
Dragonfruit Motif
Kiwi Motif
Cantaloupe Motif
Pickle Jar Motif

Floral Motifs

Florals motifs and designs are a wheelhouse of mine. The following designs were created with a variety of niches in mind.

Poppy Pattern
Wisteria Pattern
Clover Pattern
Spring Daisies Pattern

Want a sneak peek into what i’m working on? Come join me on instagram.

The Magnolia Collection

Inspired by the neighbourhood Magnolia trees in bloom this collection features magnolia blooms in a variety of colour ways, positioned in a traditional lattice pattern.

Read the blog here.

  • Seamless Magnolia Pattern
  • Yellow Magnolia Pattern
  • Magnolia Surface Pattern
  • Floral Magnolia Pattern
  • Purple Magnolia Pattern
  • Purple Magnolia Surface Pattern
  • Floral Trellis Pattern
  • Magnolia Seamless Pattern
  • Magnolia Trellis Pattern

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