Bowen Island

A Weekend on Bowen Island

This past weekend we decided to get out of the apartment and visit Bowen Island. It’s about a sixty minute drive from home. Including the twenty minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay. Over the course of two days I fell in love with the scenery and the laid back attitude of island life. 

Something unexpected happened while we were on the island, I’ve got some good news for tourists! Keep reading to find out more. 

Artisan Suites

When we decided to visit the island the Artisan Suites stood out against the other options for accommodations. Located just outside of town in Artisan Square the suites are nestled amongst a plethora of art galleries, studios, and restaurants. There was even a chocolatier! 

Needless to say there was no shortage of things to experience within walking distance of our room. 

Our room was laid out in such a way to feature the view of Mannion Bay and the Howe Sound beyond. The view most certainly did not disappoint. It made me a bit envious. 

The view from our room.

Unfortunately there was no desk, or workspace in the room. I say this like it was a bad thing. When in reality it made me stop working and enjoy a weekend off. When you run your own business those moments are rare.

Dorman Point

After we got settled, and explored the town a bit. We discovered Dorman Point. It’s a relatively short hike up located in Crippen Regional Park. Around the corner from Snug Cove. 

It took me just about an hour from start to finish. If you’ve ever been on a hike with me you’ll know why! I’m notorious for stopping every few minutes to inspect wild flowers, mushrooms, or some insect I found. I collect a lot of my reference photos when I’m out walking. It’s important. 

I will be incorporating a few of these photos in an upcoming painting. You’ll see eventually! 

Once you’re at the top the view just goes on for miles. There’s a few trees in the way, but it’s pretty easy to navigate around them. I’d love to go back and see it again at night. You can just see the top of West Vancouver from here. You can also watch the BC Ferry lumber its was across the Howe Sound. 

Art For Sea to Sky Opening

As Fortune would have it. The last evening of our trip to Bowen Island coincided with the opening night of Art by Di’s Solo Exhibit “Art for Sea to Sky”

Paying tribute to the traditional territory of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh peoples. (Pronounced Squamish) The 13 paintings featured different areas of the Howe Sound. Her work is bold, modern, and meticulous. The detail in each line, the clean edges, and the unbelievably smooth brush strokes for acrylic paint is unreal.  

I particularly love Di’s choices in colour. You can tell a lot of time went into the selection of each paintings pallet.

Honestly I can’t even begin to tell you how good it felt to be attending this event. I’ve missed the arts community a great deal. It is humbling, and inspiring. It gives me hope that maybe the pandemic is almost behind us. 

“Dive” by Art by Di

Out of the Blue Boutique

Without further delay, and the entire reason I wrote this blog! Aside from SEO. 

I am thrilled to announce that Out of the Blue Boutique in Bowen, British Columbia, now stocks a variety of my greeting cards and collectables! 

If you find yourself on Bowen Island this summer be sure to stop in and visit with Maryam. Her boutique offers a curated selection of goods ranging from swimwear to jewelry to small gifts. 

Located just a few minutes from the Snug Cove ferry terminal.

Getting the news that Out of the Blue Boutique wanted to display my cards, and meeting the owner was a highlight of the weekend. It also officially scratches off another item on this years new years resolutions. 

Please show Maryam the same support you show me. Plan a trip to the island and enjoy yourself. Just make sure you fuel up your car before getting there. You’ll thank me when you see the islands gas prices. 

Now that restrictions are beginning to relax, and the nice weather feels like its here to stay. Get out there! Enjoy your summer, be safe and most importantly… 

Stay Creative,

Justin Erickson

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