Alone in Hinton

Parts 1,2, and 3

027 – Alone in Hinton – Part 1

January 9th 2020 – Part 1

A few months ago, October to be exact. I remember because we drove home on Halloween, and I was freaking out I wouldn’t get my last inktober drawings finished. Those will be on sale before the end of the month by the way. If you want to preorder send me a quick email and I’ll hook you up. See what I did there? Smooth I know! Trust me I was rolling my eyes as dramatically as you were. 

Anyway back to the story. Mark invited me to tag along with him to Jasper for one of his work trips. I jumped on the opportunity. I love Jasper, and it’s good to get out. 

He did warn me he needed to make a few stops along the way, no big deal its JASPER! So we get about halfway and we stop in Hinton. One of Marks clients has a boutique there. We part ways, he assures me it won’t take much longer than two hours. awesome. 

So I find this particularly sketchy Starbucks and set up to do some work of my own. I don’t want to get into it but I did not order food. 

I had a very productive afternoon, until Mark disappeared. You know what happened after that? My anxiety started to make me think a little irrationally! YAY!

To be continued…

028 – Alone in Hinton – Part 2

January 23rd 2020 – Part 2

Oh past trauma *giggles*

I know what you’re thinking, Mark just moved the van. No big deal, he’s probably still with his client. 

After walking around the block, up the next street, down the back alley, the next few blocks.  I couldn’t find the Van. So I call him. No answer. So I call his work phone. No answer.  Then I checked the store. It was empty. Not a soul to be found. 

Boom it hit me. I had been abandoned. AGAIN!

To be continued…

030 – Alone in Hinton – Part 3

February 20th 2020 – Part 3

Obviously you guys probably guessed by now I was overthinking the situation and got a little carried away. The whole ordeal probably lasted a few hours longer than it should have, I really felt stupid afterwards. 

The van was moved behind the store, and wasn’t visible from the back alley. His phone was in his briefcase, and rightfully so. I’m sure it was in this moment that Mark realized I got some baggage. 

The rest of this trip was fantastic, and I don’t feel like writing all about it. Maybe that will be a story for another time. 

Stay Creative,

Justin Erickson 

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