A Message in a Bottle

This theme has been inspiring me for ages now! The idea of a message in a bottle floats through my mind every now and again. This past month it’s back! I’m not entirely sure whats inspired it this time. Maybe it was beach combing my island in Animal Crossing New Horizons, maybe it was the afternoon I spent at Iona Beach, or maybe it’s because I live so close to the ocean now.

Whatever the reason, I’m going to take you for a little walk through some of my past work featuring a message in a bottle and a sneak peak at a piece I’m currently working on.

Message in a Bottle Greeting Cards

Past Work Featuring A Message in a Bottle

I was going through my inventory recently because I have decided to rework how I sell my cards. I’m slowly going through them all. Taking new product photos and making them available individually and in variety packs of five. In doing so I came across a few packs of my old cheeky greeting cards “A Message in A Bottle” I thought I had sold out of them to be completely honest.

They were pretty popular for a time.

I remember when I first started planning these I was going to keep the inside images simple. Maybe an illustrated treasure map or blank. It wasn’t until a friend of mine suggested I fill them with modern text messages the cards took a turn. I tested the idea with a few other friends and it was a hit.

To sully something we generally consider to be poetic or a romantic notion with the flaws in modern communication. It’s definitely my kind of humour.

Looking back I don’t regret following this train of thought, it was a lot of fun. I do regret not making a safe for work alternative. There were some fairly shocked and disappointed customers. If I were to revisit the theme i’d like to completed overhaul the series. We will see.

So when these cards sell out they’re gone. If you want to send a friend or loved one something cheeky nows your chance.

Work in Progress

This past week I made some decent progress on a little sketch I made almost a month ago. I’m calling it “A Message at Sea” It features a little sandpiper accompanying a message in a bottle to its destination.

I wont go into detail about this yet, I’m still working out how to discuss this piece and what it means to me. If you’d like to follow my progress feel free to follow me on instagram. There will be a blog about it. I Promise.

Anyway, I should get back to work. Or maybe i’ll sneak off to the art store. It was my birthday the past Sunday. Why not Treat myself!

Stay Creative,

Justin Erickson

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